Member’s Page

Info Sheet and Waiver

All members are required to fill out an info sheet and waiver per academic school year. To check to see whether or not you have already submitted this for the 2021-22 year, please find your Student ID Number below — use Ctrl+F and enter in your SID.

If your SID does not appear in this list, click on the respective button below to redirect you to the online form:

Membership Dues

Alas! Dues must be paid at the beginning of each semester in order to participate in any UC Choral or Jazz Ensembles groups. If you are in multiple UCCE groups, you will only have to pay the dues amount of the higher costing membership dues.


If you’re a cast member in a BareStage show AND in BareTroupe, you would pay the BareTroupe dues.

If you’re in Overtones AND Noteworthy (go nonbinary kween!), you can pay using either link.

SMA GroupDues
UC Choral Ensembles$80 per semester
UC Jazz Ensembles$95 per semester

Payment Links

To access the payment page for a respective group, please select your group from the list below:

UC Jazz Ensembles

UC Choral Ensembles
    BareStage Board Members, Directors, and BareTroupe
    — BareStage Cast and Company Members
    — BareStage Crew Members
    Cal Jazz Choir
    Perfect Fifth
    UC Men’s Chorale
    UC Women’s Chorale

Failure to pay your membership dues in a timely matter will result in being dropped from your respective SMA group for the semester, and may affect your ability to rejoin any SMA groups in future semesters.