Members’ Page

UC Choral Ensembles

Deadline to submit info sheets and waivers AND pay dues is

March 22nd at 12pm noon PST

Dues will be subjected to a late fee that will  increase  with each week past the deadline.

Info Sheet and Waiver

All members are required to fill out an info sheet and waiver per academic school year. If you filled out a form for the 2021-22 year, you may transfer your information over by looking up your Student ID Number on the introduction page.

Membership Dues

Alas! Dues must be paid at the beginning of each semester in order to participate in any Student Musical Activities groups. If you are in multiple UCCE groups, you will only have to pay once per semester in the amount of the higher costing membership dues.

* BareStage has a tiered dues system, as specified by BareStage and SMA.
Please contact Skylar Davidson or Daniel Wong for your specific payment link.

Failure to pay your membership dues in a timely matter will result in being dropped from your respective SMA group for the semester, and may affect your ability to rejoin any SMA groups in future semesters.